The Becky Hollands brand is a celebration of the individualistic woman who is confident, artistic and the ultimate "modern sophisticate." 

Hollands' inspiration comes from her love of art, architecture, and her own bi-cultural upbringing.  Growing up in a family with both Chinese and British parents, she learned the balance of expressing her ideas liberally yet in the most exquisite manner. Within her designs are innovative selections of textiles, expressive clash of lines, and forms and textures that come together in a harmonious state of elegance and agility. The Becky Hollands brand offers seasonal collections and Becky Hollands Atelier offers exclusive one-of-a-kind designs. Becky's work is often described as modern and timeless with a note of "effortlessness."

Fueled by her zeal for fashion and devotion to philanthropy, you can find Hollands' designs through charity gala auctions of galas such as Junior League, Asia Society, DIFFA Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, BBBS Big Brothers Big Sister, Mission of Yahweh, Ronald McDonald House, and many more.